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   Hi all, welcome to long before I knew what the term "pea-cocking" meant, I wasn't aware that I was already doing it. Everyday felt like a fashion show and everywhere I turned I found myself eyes glued to the internet for the latest fashion inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers and magazines. Not long after, I came to the revelation that I too could be pea-cocking and serving looks worth pinning to your latest "fashion inspo" board on Pinterest. Yes I still have one of these! I decided to leave the world that I knew so well and felt most comfortable to take a chance in a city tremendously unfamiliar to me. Viola! Hello, New York City!   I longed for a dramatic change in scenery then that of where I grew up in. (Houston, TX) I've always been a believer in the fact that if your way too comfortable or uninspired, do something in your life that'll ignite a flame. This is how I essentially packed up my things and moved to NYC. So far, I'm loving it! 

Darrabie is a lifestyle blog that'll feature fashion, food, photography, and video post of everyday things that inspire me to live life to the fullest. What better way to combine the things I love then to show you all how they  interconnect  with one another in my day to day life. I hope that you all may find inspiration in one or more categories. I love hearing from my viewers so feel free to connect and comment!

-Love Darrabie XO