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Get lost in the realm of my egocentric thought process while also following along with how I come to unravel those plight behaviors that can undoubtedly propel me into a world of ying and yang! #darrabiediaries

P.S. I couldn't afford a therpist so I turned my blog into one! 


Dating in nyc

Gone are the days of swiping left and right. Step away from the Tinder screen and get out there in real life. I've had so many older women/mentors drill in me that be young. Your 20's are for dating. If Mr.Right so happens to come then hello wedding bells. (Totally Kidding) No wedding bells or horse carrridges anytime soon. While you're still floating around in the swimming pool of dating here's a few tips I've compiled that want totally leave your heart scrambled like Sunday morning breakfast! 

Stop Trying to Keep Up With The Joneses

Your mama told you, now I am too! Stop trying to keep up with the Jones. Admitably it's hard not to want to keep up with the latest designers, celebs, bloggers and etc. Let's not brake our pockets in doing so. Let's keep our pockets together girlfriend. Put yourself on a budget and stick to it. If avoiding your favorite pastry shop on your work is what you need to do to save a few bucks then by all means do so. If making a meal at home look gourmet in subsitute for that $50 plus you'll spend at dinner( if your anything like me, you'll want to try a cocktail or two, have an appetizer and desert with your meal) at some fancy smancy restaurant is what you need to do then save girlfriend! We all want to live like the Jones so until you can afford too and when you hit that peak in your career where you can do, still limit your outtings and save your coins for the future and something of value.

A Fatherless-Hood

What's up with that friendship though?

A lot of time we may have moments where you and your best bud just aren't on the same page. You fall off, only to fall back on again. It's an endless tiring circle but you love your sis or your bro so you hold on strong. 

It's obvious I'm letting you all in on all the sharp egg shells of my life. I figured if I dish it all now, they''ll be no way the enemy can attack. It's already out there. Boom! You've heard it all type deal. No doubt, do I actually enjoy sharing the soft and rough edges of my life. By now I'm sure I've shared this story with friends and strangers alike who are always so invasive( especially being a waitress in the hospitality industry. Everyone thinks you have some profound story of being lost at sea only to find a flare gun hanging in a fog of mist in the middle of the ocean to save you) Wrong that's not this manifesto and I don't believe I'm that lost and those stories never have happy endings.

things she loves and some other things...

I am a woman and I love planned/spontaneous walks in Central Park (I'll take what I can get) while gnawing on froyo and blushing from the amount of deliciousness I managed to drop all over my brand new skirt ( a tediously planned cute outfit, hello #ootd) in the hopes that it'll appeal to you. Young handsome guy I met 10 days ago and has already mapped out our reception ceremony and honeymoon dream trip. However, I digress! (sighs, major eye rolls here). I love sunsets at the most appropriate lowkey rooftops that actually gives a decent view of a sunset and not peering into someones bedroom window watching them unravel a new season of Gray's Anatomy. I love bantering on the phone about my day first, then your second. Hmmm, I also love