Coffee Attire

  Coffee shops are my jam! It's probably a contradictory that I don't actually go for the coffee, instead I reach for the tea as I've recently eliminated coffee from my diet. They are comfy, cozy, and cool. What's not to love about them. And hey I'm one hole punch away from getting a free drink. HAHA! Whenever I'm filled to my neck with tons of work, in need of a new reading place, or simply want to get out the house this is usually the first place I go. It's apart of my daily routine and by now I've learned the names of all the barista's at all my local coffee shops. LOL! I'm quite sure I've became that customer who spends hours upon hours on their lap top, eyes glued to the screen. I'm fine with that.

  So one may wonder what does a girl like me like to wear to the coffee shop? Well, I'll tell yah it varies. Often times it's a sweatshirt. Not any sweatshirt, a fancy one with all the bells and whistles. Okay maybe I'm stretching it because I keep it pretty simple when dressing for this part of my day. Cardigans and sweaters often does the trick. I would like to think I can pull off being that girl that looks fabulous for every aspect of her life but let's face it I have real world activities to get through during my day and it's New York City it can't possibly work that way. Life's to busy! Kudos to you if your one that can manage, please send help! I need it! Below I've listed my must have coffee attire, what's yours? Comment Below!


The Sweatshirt

The Sweater

The Cardigan