Holiday Cheer!

  Tis the season to wear animalistic prints, big fro's, and sexy thigh high boots! Wouldn't you agree? This time of the year is my favorite because not only is it okay to wear outlandish pieces, no one will look at you funny for dawning a reindeer sweater. I've done this already and No I'm not posting pictures. Haha! I'll leave that to your imagination. Although wearing prints doesn't come new to me at all as I'm not one to shy away from the boldest of prints. Making a style statement is my thing and who doesn't love people doing double takes at your outfit all day as you parade down the streets. I'd be the first to say I love every minute of it and the random people who'll stop to ask you questions. Anyways I picked this silky pajama leopard blouse from Topshop. Oh yea and it's on sale! What a steal. I hope you all are enjoying the holidays as much as I am. Comment below!

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