All The Pretty Lace

      One of women's befriends! LACE! You'll find yourself getting into trouble with this gal pal. I stumbled upon this girly little frock when I went to Brooklyn to go thrifting with a friend. I knew I wanted to rack up on all thinks lace since thrift stores are seemingly affordable and notorious for having an abundance of it. We went into "L Train Vintage". There were racks on top of racks of clothing. Talk about a kid in a candy store all over again. It had been awhile since I've been thrifting and I must say this place fits the bill for finding those unique pieces. I bought this shirt for five bucks. I instantly fell in love with the high neckline, scalloped sleeves, and beaded gold and pearl detail on the front. I didn't want to make the outfit too dressy so I paired the shirt with some cut off shorts that I previously thrifted awhile back to switch things up a bit. Tell me below in the comment section, what are some of your favorite thrifted items?