Go Pink or Go Home

  Often times through the Winter I'm in dire need to add a pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit. I think it's normal to get stuck in a pattern of wearing all black, grays, and navy's. Hey and sometimes that's perfectly fine, however I wanted to switch it up and breathe life into my outfit.  I don't think I get to wear this amazing fuchsia trench enough. The length, cut, and vintage like silhouette made styling this trench so much fun! Underneath I rocked a beige turtleneck and layered on a ruched strapless bra. (optional) I've been loving the leather look lately so I paired the look with these high waist leatherette pants. I went even more dramatic with these stylish snake print boots from Steve Madden to finish the look. 

  Where did I go with this look? Down the street to get coffee of course and that pretty much summed up my day. Can you blame a girl for wanting to look fabulous all to get a cup of Joe. LOL!!!  Comment Below!

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