All Choked Up

  There's no slowing down the momentum of the notorious choker trend. I'm quite sure I've exceeded the allotted amount of choker's acceptable for one to have in their collection. With so many different styles of choker's spewing around I've narrowed down the three essential styles to hoard near and dear to your heart.. (Oops, I mean neck!) 

1. The Stud

Who likes to feel like a total badass? (Don't you all raise your hand at once) I do! Studs are the perfect way to toughen up any look and bring that added edge to your outfit. You can even layer on a few studded chokers for that extra punch!

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2. Hello Velvet

Something about you! (Sings song) You can't go wrong with this look as it goes with everything and seriously, I think everybody owns this particular choker. I love this look because one can especially go the extra mile with picking a velvet choker with embellishments or even dawning a vibrant color in the plush fabric.

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3. We Love Glitz & Glam

Perhaps this is my absolute fav because I love getting dolled up and adding a killer statement accessory such as this one. Lots of bling and you'll be sure to turn heads all night with this choker!

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So which choker trend is your favorite? Comment Below!