Go Bold or Go Home

  My thought process when it comes to mixing prints is always, "Go Bold or Go Home"! It can be a daring line to straddle because you either hit or miss the mark. The concept is actually quite simple. Here are a few of my tips and tricks for nailing a print on print look.

  1. Keep everything in the neutrals department
  2. Play with the sizing of the prints
  3. Stick to classic prints (to start with)

  For my look I applied 2 out of the 3 tips which are sticking to neutral colors ad using classic prints such as leopard, lines, polka dots, etc. I paired these  Philosophy high-waist  striped palazzo pants which is a neutral  with a bold  tiger print blouse also a neutral. The two prints individually make statement pieces but when paired together worked in unison and doesn't clashes with one another. I layered my favorite bomber jacket on top to amp up the cool factor!

  So let me know in the comment section below which tip will you try when mixing prints. Happy Friday!

P.S. - Yesterday D'mani (you can follow her here) and I shot in this lovely foyer of  Washington Square Hotel. It is located at 103 Waverly Place,New York, NY 10011 and features amazing Art-Deco styled furnishing, known for being a hub for writers/musicians and  so much more!