The Perfect Layering Piece


are debatably the shoe of the year...

  Isn't it funny when you wish for something you want then you get it then you don't want it anymore?! LOL, well that's exactly how I felt about the weather yesterday in New York. It went from a mere 50 degrees a few days ago to high 80's in no time and let's just say I was NOT ready! So with the weather in mind this is what I wore!

  I started with a basic white tee but what makes this basic extra special is the fact that it has net-like detailing to the entire shirt which makes it very breathable and functional during hot temperatures. I put a twist on the outfit by layering my bralette on top and pairing my high waist denim pants. If you haven't caught onto the "Mule Trend" now is the time to hop aboard as they are some of the most comfortable yet stylish shoes this year. This pair is definitely no exception, as I've completely fell in love with the exaggerated bow detailing on the front which gives that cool girly edge,

  By now, can you all tell that I'm completely obsessed with this black bag? It goes with everything and is the perfect size to tote my camera around in style. What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments below and have a lovely day!