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Hello Millennial Pink!

While most are bidding this color fare well. 

I am the kindred soul motioning it into my open arms. 

Embracing the once female dominated hue and beckoning it to stay a little while longer. 

As my fellow fashionista are saying "Au Revoir" to pink, vibrant, and boisterous colors alike.

The smell of Fall is near and the jewel tones will descend among us before we can blink our freshly applied falsies and double coat our high-end luxury mascara! Yay! ( Please hear the sarcasm in that)

I however, will allow this one to rest a little while longer, prop it's head on my shoulder and groom it into my wardrobe for the Fall and Winter. Hello Millennial Pink you can stay a little while longer! 

I am forceful, I know in getting my wardrobe to behave the way I want i.e the force-ation of this Pink ribbed turtleneck crop top in the dead of a soaring hot Summer day. Forced? Maybe.

And if you're not so fond of wearing a full on pink look start in small doses by rocking some cool retro pink sunglasses. If vintage shades aren't your think how about an ultra chic pink ballet flat or pointed toe heel. Whatever your preference, having this lustrous Instagramable pink hue in your wardrobe will not only benefit your sense of fashion, up your style game, but your Instagram feed as well. All pluses in my book.

So fellow millennial what do you think of "millennial pink"? Have you rocked it already or will you be trying it out? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you like this post, tell a friend. Sharing is caring! :-)

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