3 New Tips For Choosing Denim Pants

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Add A Style Star...

These red booties was the added pop of color this outfit needed to make a major statement!

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While a basic denim pants may be something we all  have in our closets, forego yours basic this season and try a statement pair instead. I've created 3 new tips on how to choose your next pair of denim to make a style statement.

3 New Tips For Choosing Your Next Pair Of Denim:

1. Cut

Looking for unique cuts range from boot cut, wide-leg, skinny and so many more. Sometimes opting for a pair that is slightly outside your comfort zone can be a great decision. When experimenting with different cuts, these flare ones was a great option as I instantly fell in love with how they look and made me look slightly taller. 

2. Color

Color is supper important in pushing your denim decision in the right or wrong direction. With so many variations and hues of denim to choose from. One can could easily become overwhelmed with the process. Opt for a traditional blacks, white/cream, and different hues of blue can be fun to experiment like this Indigo wash denim I chose over a True blue.

3. Detail/Design

Reawaken your denim decisions by choosing a pair of pants with a hint of detail and if your truly daring, try a double dose of details too. The design on the knee of the pants mixed with the symmetrical cut in the front that runs into a frayed hem, instantly elongates the leg while also allowing you to show off the amazing pair of shoes underneath. Score!

Will you be experimenting with a new pair of denim? Share your tips. Let me know in the comments below and be sure to click throughout the post to shop some of my favorites! Happy Monday! :-)