This Teddy Coat Proved To Be A Challenge To Style

  How can I look cool and be warm but more so look cool without the hassle of layers?🤔 On the morning in question I had already decided that this jacket somehow, someway would have to work with whatever outfit I had decided to come up with. It's presence in my closet was a quite persistent one. I had brought this coat in the beginning of Winter and had yet to find the right moment to rock it. With Winter ending and Spring knocking on the door my likelihood and window of ever wearing this rustic orange oversized teddy coat was quickly fading. 

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I sprung into action quickly forging together looks only to scrap the outfit ideas right away. Nothing seem to work and my endless scrolling through Pinterest for outfit inspiration fizzled quicker then a one night stand in Utah (SN: I've never been to Utah...this story line does not apply directly to me 😜) 

  I finally found success with creating a look when I decided to keep the base minimal with a stripped button down and a nice fitting pair of high-waist denim. The frayed hem added a fun detail to the pants. I layered by adding this perfectly tailored vest with gold button which worked super well with the striped button down. I decided to juxtapose the top with the infamous teddy coat this blog post is about. The dressed top contrasting with the urban style of the coat made for an unexpected great outfit.  The challenge was over, ha! Success! 

  How would you have styled this awesome teddy coat? Let me know in the comments below! :-)

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