Rainbow Shoes And A Velvet Top

  Woah! I just noticed a pattern. I've worn velvet tops now twice in a row. Check out my last blog post here for another velvet number featuring my bright orange mock neck top. This one is different because it is halter which is much easier to wear during the day when the sun is blazing. And also looks quite sexy at night because of the shade and cut. 

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blue velvet top

  I love retro pieces like this super hot pink belt that is actually from my matching trench coat. Pulling belts and sashes from other items in your closet is a great way to maximize your wardrobes potential. 

summer style inspiration

  How coincidental is it that my lastest shoe purchase from Ebay matched this umbrella perfectly. You may remember these shoes from my latest IG story when I asked my followers to buy or not. Most of you guys said, "yes". And voilà they are here!

Confession: "I love a good ugly shoe"!

retro summer outfit

  I had amazing time going SKATING in this look at a Beyoncé versus Jay-Z skate party. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I fell over and over again. Geesh, I am all bruised from the falling. It was great trying to get the hang of it again but I must admit I've always been an awful skater. Lol!

What are some fun activities you all are doing this summer. List them below and have a great day! :-)


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