An Orange Monochromatic Summer Outfit Idea

   I finally had the chance to put together a monochromatic summer look. And I love that I went with such a vivacious orange! It's bright colors like this that speaks to me and makes me feel that much more powerful to cease the day. Wearing this outfit felt like I was carrying the sunset around with me at all times. 

monochromatic orange outfit
summer looks to try
orange outfit

  The orange crush velvet top is from Urban Outfitters and the matching orange ribbed midi skirt is a thrifted find. I wanted to break up the look with more colors so I popped on my yellow suede Puma's which is from their collaboration with Solange. They never fail to give my outfit that extra edge all while being super comfortable. 

lisa perry style mini bag
summer style inspiration
yellow puma shoes
pops of color
lisa perry lime green bag

  I've been shopping a lot lately from Ebay and came across this lime green mini Lisa Perry hand bag. Although it's not for the most practical or every day NYC resident. This mini bag is great in theory if you want to pack extra light and look stylish! It was definitely the star of the outfit with the added pop of color. Mini bags are a trend I can definitely get behind. 

What are some of your favorite summer finds? Do you dig a mini bag? Let me know below and have a great day! :-)

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