The Best Bodysuit Ever

  It's not every day when I reach for a bodysuit but I've recently discovered the geniuses and functionality about them  again and I'm wondering why I've never took to them the first time.

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   Let's face it, a great bodysuit has to be comfortable and stylish. Putting together this look was  one and done. I love the fact that it's one shoulder, all the better for showing off your décolletage right? Right! ;-)

   Besides the fact that this bodysuit is a quick solution to getting dressed, I'm also excited that it's color block which makes pairing any bottom with it a dream. Because the suit is sporty chic I decided to contrast the sporty feel of it with a chartreuse wrap midi skirt for a chic approach. Chartreuse is a great summer color and pairs well with just about anything. 

one shoulder bodysuit
color block outfits for summer
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  I was gifted with this bag from a good friend. It is actually a camera lens case but I decided I liked it better as a cool mini bag because of it's unusual shape.

nyfw street style

  I spent the day in my all time favorite area, Dumbo!

wrapped chartreuse skirt

Hope you all are enjoying your day. Comment below other great shops for bodysuits! :-)

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Take It Up A Notch For Spring

  The flowers are blooming and I spent the day galavanting around the Natural History Museum. 

Note: Hitting one of the busiest museums midday is always a great idea. No line, no problem and lots of room to explore at your leisure.

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  I'm cold by nature (pun totally intended lol) and I refuse to be fooled by the finicky weather here. Yesterday it was warm enough to sport my black turtleneck with my burgundy and black bomber. I feel I was more excited about my hair matching my bomber, almost creating an accidental monochromatic moment. Don't yah think? Well I stopped right there and added my white high-waist paper bag trousers. Remember when I styled them with pastels in this post here?  

 I have my red leather tote on repeat. Almost! Unfortunately the handle disagreed with my clinginess and parted ways. Yep the bag is done for now! 😭

Comment below your favorite way to style a bomber. Have a great day! :-)

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Gurls Talk X Coach x Teen Vogue

  On Sundays agenda entailed none other then being present at the very first U.S. instillation that is Gurls Talk founded by none other then the remarkable  Adwoa Aboah and her bestfriend Holly Gore. Adwoa otherwise known as the fire breathing dragon woman who is voicing change, promoting inclusivity, creating judgement free spaces all while juggling a career as a burgeoning badass super model!  

  As expected the event in collaboration with Coach and Teen Vogue was hella lit! (pardon my French) . There were various panel discussion,  one favorite of mine being the conversation lead by Paloma Elselsser on "Body Positivity". It's great that there are refreshing spaces and discussion circled on this particular topic in an "Instagram Era"  where accepting ones flaws and truly loving the skin you're in  can be challenging. From endless scrolling through your feed seeing pictures that seem to promote "the picture perfect life and body" can be daunting. And so it's nice too see our favorite influencers and change makers let us in on a few real life gems! 

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gurls talk

Color Pop! A good trench is all she write. Ha!

gurls talk festival
Adwoa Aboah discusses mental health.

Adwoa Aboah discusses mental health.

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Paloma Mija

 Let's be clear. I no longer miss an opportunity to hear Paloma Elsesser speak on panels. I've now seen her do so twice. Her rawness, beauty and authenticity always leave me blown away.

Adwoa Aboah Image Via  Teen Vogue

Adwoa Aboah Image Via Teen Vogue

model adwoa aboah

Adwoa Aboah shows us her dance moves and a bomb Gurls Talk denim jacket I definitely need in my closet now.

Mariah Idrissi

Can we just say a big "Thank you" to Mariah Idrissi for her popping highlighter and for propelling the "Race" panel discussion.

Janaya Khan
Janaya Khan

 And then Janaya Khan goes ham on the conversation which sends the room applauding for a flat 30 min at minimum. Which leaves me wondering where is this human from and how did we get so lucky to sit in her presence? #Future 

Janaya Khan on race
Alewya Demmisse

 The day carried on with discussions on race, mental health, sexuality and much more. Ending with a performance by  Alewya Demmisse and a dance party to shake things up. I left that Sunday with my heart full and spirit lifted knowing that a community no matter class, race, or background could come togther and unite on subjects that we've all had to face in some form, shape or fashion.

Much LOVE to all the beautiful souls behind Gurls Talk! xoxo