What Not To Wear To The Office

  And just like that, I yet again fell for another dress I couldn't pass up. Purple is my color! I truly believe it compliments my skin tone the best. This dress seemed perfect because of the color block wrapped lapel. It can easily be paired with a turtleneck underneath during the colder months or used as a vest as an additional summer look. Three looks for the price of one!

color block dress
Purple dress

  It was a Monday so I went big and bold with this look. I went for the whole "I may have been in an office but in reality it's my day off and I just look this chic" look! That about sums it up. lol! Although the electric blue eyeliner is a giveaway. This look totally works of course if you are in a creative profession where bold colors isn't distracting.

the most instaworthy outfit
affordable summer dress
the prefect summer dress

 I went to lunch with a friend and spent the majority of the day running errands! Have a great day folks and be sure to check out the dress picks below for some awesome finds! :-)

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