Darrabie After Dark...Remember That One Summer Night

  My favorite duo besides a denim on denim look has to be Fitz (cousins for life lol) and Eric! Haha! We've spent so many random days as a trio exploring the city, bar hoping, and eating at some amazing restaurants. I appreciate these two for always being awesome and super supportive. On nights like these I tend to gravitate towards a more comfortable look and what's better then denim?

  A good denim jacket is an essential not only in your wardrobe but all summer. It helps that stores carry them all year round so finding and investing in one that's just right for you want be a difficult task. I paired my light wash denim jacket (similar here) with a dark wash denim jean (similar here) to give a cool contrast to this look. Remember when I did a denim on denim  look here. Then wore a over-sized version of a denim jacket here. This goes to show you that playing with different shapes and silhouettes of denim doesn't have to be repetitive and boring.To finish the look I added a slouchy relaxed tee from Old Navy because their 100% cotton T-shirts are just so good for hot summer nights.

What are some of your favorite denim brands? Comment them below!


Even when the drinks kick in, we want slack on striking a pose. Ahaha!!

Casual Cool

  Having days where I'm absolutely free from everything is rare so when that happens I like to take full advantage of wearing a more casual outfit while still sprinkling in a hint of cool. I started the look off by wearing my favorite black pants and this comfy green sweater from Brooks Brothers (yes I wear menswear anything). Once I had the base of my outfit I then added my chunky black booties and favorite over-sized denim jacket to give this look that "cool factor" it so needed. I completed the look by rocking my tan backpack which comes in handy when your not sure where the day may take you. What do you all think, are you feeling the denim vibes? Let me know below! Happy Wednesday!

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