Into Slips.

  Who doesn't love a little slip dress? By now you all are starting to recognize a slight pattern in my wardrobe. I believe my blog is a safe place for us all to be open about our closets. So I'll be the first to admit it...yes yes I Patricia Darrabie have a slip dress addiction. Far too many to count and they're still adding up. Just when I think I want to part ways with some of them, another bright styling idea comes into this head of mine. So now I'm back to square one, -still hoarding all of my slip dresses, and I will not try to purge my wardrobe of them again. That is my vow (scouts honor). Before NYC blows through another polar vortex, I pulled out this black slip dress to play with. To add warmth to this look, I paired my black turtle neck underneath for a layering piece, then pulled black thigh high boots to finish off the look.  No look is complete without accessories. I put on these black circle sunnies and tied a bandanna around my top knot for that extra oomph we sometimes need. 

P.S. Wigs are life. Sometimes I like to pretend to be a different woman for the day. Create a total character. This one is called JESSE!


Outfit Details

Black Turtle Neck (similar here)


Black Dress (similar here)


Black Over The Knee Boots (similar here)