All Sunnie!

  Everyone need that perfect accessory to complete their look. No matter where I'm going or the occasion, I always keep a pair of sunnie's in my bag. (1) Cateye shapes are my favorite because you simply can't go wrong with such a classic shape. It never fails to elevates any outfit. Finding a pair in a pop of color puts a whole new spin on your look. (2) The aviator's are known for bringing the, "I'm too cool appeal" to your outfit. I usually wear my aviator's with a white tank, blazer, jeans, and sneaker for that "X" factor! (3) Square frames are super versatile, however picking the correct size for your face shape is key. I loved the hardware on these medium sized gold frames and they go with practically everything in my wardrobe! Which frame shape is your favorite? Comment Below!

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Denim Craze


  How could you not love anything denim? After all it's the perfect marriage to any article of clothing in your closet. Like the ice cream to the cone. The milk to the shake. The glaze on the donut. Haha! I think I might just be hungry writing this post. You get the picture. Denim works with primarily anything. With this particular look I decided guessed it, I paired my denim pants from H&M with more denim I.e this denim jacket I purchased from Old Navy! Underneath I sported a silver sleek cropped top. I also added my favorite glasses at the moment, these mirror shades from Aldo's and a simple black sandal. Have a exhausted the word denim yet in this post?!?!  One more time, "Denim". Remember it works with everything!