The Little Black Dress I'm Wearing All Summer

  Wearing all black in the summer sounds daunting but it doesn't have to be if you stick to a LBD (little black dress). I chose to wear a LBD in a slip form to feel a little more free. Because this slip is super simple I decided to spruce it up with lots of accessories and fun eye makeup to standout. To keep with the all black theme I paired my black bow mules with the dress. 

the little black dress
summer lbd

  Recently I'e been gravitating towards ankle bracelets in the form of bright colors like this super cute bright orange and blue one I came across here. They are the perfect amount of color to add to an all black outfit. I layered on a couple of necklaces and a few dainty rings to complete my look.

summers Little black dress

  It seemed impossible to get a proper picture of my look this day since it rained the majority of the day so I took over a dressing room to snap a few pics. Haha! A girl has to do what a girl has to do! 

  What are some of your favorite ways to wear all black during Summer while still keeping cool. Comment them below and have an awesome day!  :-)

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New Years Glam

  With New Years only a few days away, I'm more then excited to celebrate and party it up with loved ones. I'm sure you know a few friends who are still scouring the internet, closets, and raiding stores to prepare last minutes outfit for one of the most glamorous times of the year. And what do you know I'm one of them. Here's to hoping I do less procrastination in 2017. Thank God for express delivery! Until then I've compiled a few looks to shop and inspire you for the Holiday. Which look is your fave? Comment Below!







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Slip Appeal

Let's face it. I'm currently stuck in the whirlwind of the slip dress trend. Forcing myself to be creative and figure out new and exciting ways to style this favorite of mine.  This particular slip dress is a tad bit different and I love it. The contrasting cream lace against the blue gives it a certain uniqueness. I wanted to style it beyond the norm so I paired a black sweatshirt underneath for a more urban wear appeal. To play on the urban look, I put on these thrifted high waist jean shorts. My white thigh high boots had been sitting in my closet for quite sometime now, so I thought to give them a spin with this outfit and it totally did the trick. Along with my white anorak hooded jacket, it pulled the entire look together beautifully for an effortlessly chic approach to styling your slips this season. What do you guys think, does this look work? Comment below!

vsco-photo-1 (1).jpg

Outfit Details



Black Sweatshirt (similar here)

Lace Contrast Slip Dress (similar here)


White Thigh High Boots (similar here)


Blue Jean Shorts (similar here)

White Anorak Jacket (similar here)

Black Fur Stole (similar here)

Into Slips.

  Who doesn't love a little slip dress? By now you all are starting to recognize a slight pattern in my wardrobe. I believe my blog is a safe place for us all to be open about our closets. So I'll be the first to admit it...yes yes I Patricia Darrabie have a slip dress addiction. Far too many to count and they're still adding up. Just when I think I want to part ways with some of them, another bright styling idea comes into this head of mine. So now I'm back to square one, -still hoarding all of my slip dresses, and I will not try to purge my wardrobe of them again. That is my vow (scouts honor). Before NYC blows through another polar vortex, I pulled out this black slip dress to play with. To add warmth to this look, I paired my black turtle neck underneath for a layering piece, then pulled black thigh high boots to finish off the look.  No look is complete without accessories. I put on these black circle sunnies and tied a bandanna around my top knot for that extra oomph we sometimes need. 

P.S. Wigs are life. Sometimes I like to pretend to be a different woman for the day. Create a total character. This one is called JESSE!


Outfit Details

Black Turtle Neck (similar here)


Black Dress (similar here)


Black Over The Knee Boots (similar here)

The Slip Dress

  This morning I woke up feeling great! I drank some tea and prayed. I flipped through some magazines for inspiration. I then took myself to lunch and sipped on a sangria. I talked to my boyfriend who's currently away out the country and went back home to make this post. 

Haha! The paragraph above has nothing to do with what I'm wearing but besides the fact that I'm having a great day and I hope you all are too!

My slip dress is from the brand Jonathan Martin, I'm loving the lace trimming on it. My net dress underneath is from a random shop in Houston but the label says "F & F", I hope that helps. My choker is from New York Style store. The shoes are from the Bamboo!