The Coolest Winter Coat That Actually Keeps You Warm

  There's so many things I love about Fashion but at the top of my list would be the fact that Fashion holds no boundries. Like how a snake sheds its skin or how a cateplllar propels into a butterfly is the very reason why I love the world of fashion. One could recreate themselves over and over again and it could still look beautiful each time!

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  This day in fashion is courtesy of onlline shopping, family discount stores, and an ex-boyfriend keen sense of style... Lol!

  I stumbled upon this lime green turtleneck and leather paper bag pants (which totally are the wave) at a discount store in Harlem. The shoes were a purchase online from Boohoo during the holidays A.K.A crazy sale season and A.K.A bank account over drawn. Haha!

  This beautiful statement coat is from the H&M X Kenzo collaboration again from the Ex with the good taste. You can also see how I styled it in this post too!

I'm not your conventional shopper these days. I collect my beloved pieces from whatever store, website, and person that enters my sight. We are a team that way. If my heart goes thump thump X 3 then that lil baby is mine. Hello new addition!

  Now thatI've spilled a little about my shopping habits, what are some of the ways you like to shop? Comment below and have a great day peeps! :-)

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A Standout Coat That Makes A Statement

  Hey hey y'all! I've been stuck in seemingly the biggest creative block ever. I'm happy to have moved past it and here ready to share better content for you all! Show of hands for any creatives who's ever felt like this? Let me know in the comments below.  I can't wait to show you all what I've been up to with all the fresh new content that'll be rolling out soon. Thank you all for being patient with me. Now on to the good stuff!

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Statement Winter Coat
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A Standout Coat That Makes A Statement
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Side-eyeing your outfit like...

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  This coat has easily became my favorite of all time. I found it a few weeks back at a sample sale while roaming around the Garment District here in NYC. The color instantly grasped my attention and since it's purchase I've been wearing it nonstop. So much so I've even forgotten what my other coats look like. This coat simply goes with everything and acts almost like a neutral with my wardrobe of course! I've linked a similar coat above.

  Like any shopping day I couldn't pass up an opportunity to add more pink to my wardrobe. A woman can never have too much pink! So I picked up this hot pink sweater from H&M. It's ridiculously soft and the perfect pop of color to take your outfit to the next level. 

  The pants were also a no-brainer for me as I was drawn to the unusual asymmetrical crop and flare. I'll be wearing them a lot, all season long!

  Do you all have any favorite places to shop for statement coats? Statement pieces? Comment them below and enjoy the Holidays! :-)


How To Wear Socks With Heels - Street Style Approved

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It's not everyday that I wear socks with sandals but this was definitely one of my favorite trends to experiment with. Since I want to make full use of my shoes during Fall/Winter wearing socks with heels or sandals seems just right. I love that the neon green socks adds a fun element and pop of color to my outfit. Although I stayed in the shoes for a maximum of a hour lol, don't judge me! (Some days wearing heels are better then others) I received some great feed back on my journey to the store and back! Haha! It's great to know that this outfit was street style approved. I've purchased more fun socks to add to the collection and can't wait to show you all some of the ways I style this fun trend! I wanted to pair my new sweater with a pair of semi cropped flared denim. I finished the look with my favorite bag of the moment (I LOVE this spacious black bag, remember when I wore it here) and these floral print chunky heel sandals paired with the neon green socks were the perfect finishing touch!

Will anyone be experimenting with the socks worn with heels trend? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to return tomorrow for another updated outfit post! :-)