Bono Trattoria

   Since my cousin and I are always on the hunt for the next cool restaurant to try, we collectively decided to find an Italian place to eat. We chose to try out Bono since their menu looked quite appealing. From the moment we walked in, the restaurant was warm and inviting. I guess it helps that they have a gigantic pizza oven in the middle of the restaurant. Ha! We decided to sit at the bar and ordered the Eggplant Parmigiana to start with as we had built up quite an appetite. Not very long later our Parmigiana arrived and it was an appetizer I could have certainly done without. Skip it!  After a few more looks at the menu we then proceeded to order our entrees. My cousin ordered the Grilled Salmon which comes prepared in lemon, caper-butter sauce & a side of sauteed brussel sprouts. I ordered the seared stripped Sea bass Fillet which comes with shrimp, green pea puree & lemon. Along with our entrees we added two sides, the sauteed spinach and the roasted Yukon potatoes.  Both our entrees were phenomenal and I must say the Sea Bass was one of the best I've ever had. My sweet tooth was at an all time high so I decided to order their red velvet cheese cake. One of my best life choices to date. I kid but it was certainly superb and satisfied every taste bud. One could say that Bono Trattoria is definitely worth the trek uptown!