Olympia Wine Bar- Dumbo, Brooklyn

cheese board

If you like to explore neighborhoods as much as I do then you're probably out searching for the next hip wine bar too and a great happy hour to follow suit. I came across this cozy little gem of a bar while out in Dumbo doing my usual stroll. Olympia Wine Bar was the perfect stop to meet and catch up with my fellow gal pal. It had a nice ambiance and charm that I always look for when dining. We indulged in a delicious cheese board and sipped on wine of course because what's wine without a nice selection of cheese. So next time your in and around Dumbo definitely give this place a try for a nice intermediate before dinner. 

They are located at: DUMBO, Brooklyn, at 54 Jay Street, at the corner of Jay & Water Streets, just two blocks from the York Street F subway station.