Egg & Avocado Toast For Breakfast

avocado toast for breakfast

When breakfast looks and taste as yummy as this, who would want to skip it? I'm a sucker for anything avocado related. I add avocado where ever I can in my meals and breakfast is easily the best way to get that avocado lover's fix! 

I grabbed a slice of multi-grain toast, cooked up an egg and sliced an avocado. Apart from avocado's, I enjoy a handful of cherries whenever possible. The benefits are amazing! Cherries are said to aid in restless night, fight cancer, Alzheimer and much more. 

I wanted this breakfast to pack a punch so I blended up mixed berries, spinach and almond milk for a smoothie. I also topped the berry smoothie off with chia seeds( another supper food, read it here) for maximum energy during my day!

What do you think of this breakfast mix? Would you try it? Comment below. :-)